Giving arrest authority to Ansar is a propaganda, misinformation

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today clearly said that the issue of giving arrest authority to the Ansar force is a propaganda or misinformation.

Replying to a question from the journalists after an inter-ministerial meeting on security preparations on the occasion of the Victory Day celebrations, at his ministry conference room, he said the BNP is criticizing Ansar members for giving them power to detain criminals, search bodies and seize goods.

Giving arrest authority to Ansar is a propaganda, misinformation

Senior Secretary of the Public Security Division Mustafizur Rahman, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun and other officials concerned were present at the meeting.

Giving arrest authority to Ansar is a propaganda, misinformation

The minister said, “It is a misinformation about the Ansar and its arrest authority. Ansar forces were never given authority to arrest. All law enforcement agencies have to work within the ambit of our criminal procedure code. This is the main point.”

He said the upcoming law is at the final stage of scrutinizing, which is now to the parliamentary standing committee and members of the standing committee will scrutinize it.


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“If there are any words, sentences incarnate in such questions, then they will be corrected. There is no scope to go beyond the existing law. If any sentence conflict with the law, then it would be cleared,” the home minister said.

He said, “Any force has to work in accordance with the existing laws. Let me make one thing to clear that there is no room for misunderstanding in it. ”

The meeting also discussed about the security measures of the Victory Day celebrations.The meeting decided to ensure exact size of nation flags of all organizations will be hoisted on the occasion of the Victory Day.

Giving arrest authority to Ansar is a propaganda, misinformation


It also took decision to strengthen security of the President, the Prime Minister and diplomats on their way to Savar.“Adequate number of Close Circuit cameras (CCCs) will be installed all the way to Savar for ensuring tight security to all. Police will set up control room and will monitor it round the clock,” the minister said.

He added that the ambulance, fire service and divers will be deployed at 11 points of the victory day so that mass people can celebrate the Victory Day on December 16 happily.

“Authorities will supply special foods to jails and orphanages. And special munajat will be held. Arrangements will be ensured to clean roads and roadside spaces and repair damaged drainage and pavements both sides of the road. Beautification will also be ensured on the day,” the minister said. The national parade ground programme may not be held this year as the elections are ahead, he added.

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